Building a visually stunning website is not enough to ensure any success for your online presence. “Build it, and they will come” is not the way things work online.

To reach your target market, you must make your site search engine-friendly. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the process of increasing visibility on Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines.


Set stage

Well this article may be for professional content marketers, I just want to show the advatage of Technical SEO.


The main branches of SEO are technical, offpage, and on page


On page SEO is where your content falls, these where you attract people staying into your site and read whats in it.

Every site cant be a fully optimized unless it undergo quality technical SEO. Truly, technical SEO dont provide rank your website, but it allows you to rank in on page and off page.

If you want your site to be safe from google penalites, then your site needs to be fully setup to be a SEO friendly site. Being a SEO friendly site is only be achieved by Technical SEO.


Understand whats new in SEO

This search-engine information shows how engaged a person is in your content. Essentially, Google can examine exactly how intriguing, informative, or useful your content is based merely on exactly how individuals are connecting with it.

On top of that, Google (as well as various other online search engine) use attributes of expert system to improve the web algorithm. Expert system or artificial intelligence enables the algorithm to reply to data-driven actions, as well as learn or respond correctly.

One such advancement in Google’s algorithm was the Panda update in 2011. Moz describes it:

Once (Google’s) computer systems might accurately predict just what the humans would certainly judge a poor quality site, the algorithm was presented across numerous websites extending the Web. Completion result was a seismic change that repositioned over 20 % of all of Google’s search results.

In shorts, Search Engine Optimization isn’t as much about title tags, H1s, and also key words as it is about how awesome your material is.



Don’t obsess over SEO. Obsess over content material.

Let’s presume for a moment that you have a practically sound internet site. Just what should you do? Merely develop excellent content. If you do, Search Engine Optimization basically deals with itself.

You may have noticed that I wrote nothing concerning keywords in my list of exactly what to do. Why not? If you’re composing user-friendly content that addresses an actual issue, then you’ll have to make use of keywords.

What type of keywords? All sort of keyword phrases. But key phrases alone do not make your content search maximized. There’s something bigger at stake– the intent, the requirements, the reactions, and the communication of the you with the content.

If your usage of key words pleases the you, after that you’ve pleased the online search engine. You could think about that to be a job well done.

How can you make your site a SEO friendly ? is the site should provide helpful guides? best topics, or readable articles?

You cant say your page is fully based on the content you provide, but how can you put a big impact with your audience.

Search engine works by providing results for the searchers, this way it measure your success by how effective the the searcher engage in search results. For such example, if you click the top link, but then you hit back then go to other search queries, this means the the searcher is not satisfied with the first

result and move to different links. Everyday there are million of queries building up in search engine which a good pool in judging qualities of the results.