What to look for in a SEO Audit for my website?

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The first question you might be asking yourself is: Do I need a website audit? And if I do, how in the world to do it? Can i do it by Myself, Is simple task or requires for sophisticated SEO knowledge? Who should I hire?     Learn more about their firm. This is very […]

How create a SEO friendly campaign?

Building a visually stunning website is not enough to ensure any success for your online presence. “Build it, and they will come” is not the way things work online. To reach your target market, you must make your site search engine-friendly. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the process of increasing visibility on Google, Bing, Yahoo and […]

Why do we need On page Optimization?

  “Search engines no longer depend on matching keywords on web pages. The most recent changes involve a move toward understanding concepts. Thus, SEO strategies that begin with keyword research are ranking strategies for algorithms that no longer exist. This article will show how far away from keywords search engines have gone and how that […]

How to build a effective SEO campaign 2020?

https://moz.com/blog/how-to-have-a-successful-local-seo-campaign-in-2015 “Contests and campaigns are among the most effective ways to encourage fans to post photos and videos about your brand. Why? Interactive social campaigns give your customers an explicit reason to upload and share great content with their social followings. In turn, their followers will engage with this content and your brand’s organic reach […]

4 SEO 2020 tactics you should know about

  Remember the day when meta key words tag was prominent? Or when a good Search Engine Optimization strategy was to put key phrases in everything (URL, title, description, headings, photos ALT text, side nav, major nav, footer nav, in the keyword phrases in the body content)? The year 2015, where the world of search […]

New method to boost engagement and improve SEO!

We have the tendency to put a great amount of effort in writing a good content nowadays. But what’s the factor of all that effort if nobody actually reads it through? In this week’s White boards Friday, Dan Petrovic illustrates a brand-new technique in raising user engagement, and offers some tools as well as suggestions […]

Will Google Authorship return? What happened?

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Recently, Google Web designer Trends analyst Gary Illyes startled many of us with a remark he made throughout his keynote questions with Danny Sullivan at SMX in New York City. Illyes stated that he advised web designers not get rid of the rel=writer tag from their site material. Google had utilized rel=writer as part of […]

SEO Tools and Software for Cheap

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Source:  www.google.com/images   An excellent search engine optimization (SEO) product will considerably boost the quality as well as quantity of website traffic to your site. It’ll enhance your credibility as well reliability on the internet. And particularly for Ecommerce firms, the effective Search Engine Optimization software will certainly boost sales and increase your company. SEO […]

Is Search Engine submission necessary?

is search engine submission necessary

The answer is no– online search engine entry isn’t required. Most of online search engine nowadays (most notably Google) crawl and also index pages by adhering to links. Using that logic, one inbound web link from any type of already-indexed web page which will recognize your page to the engine. Consequently, if that page connect […]