Recently I read a couple of articles regarding the dangers of remarketing. For me, I think those peoples who thinks remarketing is not effective are just advertisers who have poor understanding of the proper usage of remarketing.

1. Conversion rate of Remarketing actually increase over time.

Actually, the more users view the ad within the remarketing campaign increases conversion rate.

We all know that CRC decreased. But though the annoyed user did not try to click the ad but seen it multiple instance will more likely be converted.



2. The negative factors about remarketing is overblown.

Creep fatigue is the term if a customer is annoyed seeing your ad over and over. Well if a user is so annoyed watching your ad all the time certainly that user wont ever bother clicking it.

Ive seen a thousand of display ads I compared its impact of fatigue ad on non-remarketing ads vs remarketing ads, guess whats the result?

The evaluation results that remarketing ads together with those creepy annoying ads is much higher compare to non remarketing ads:




3. Google and Facebook dispaly network provides the best way to reach.

Where do you think you can get the best result for your remarketing strategy?

Right now, Google and Facebook are the leading networks where you can get the most of your remarketing camps.

Facebook users are about 1.4 billion, and over a billion whom login yesterday. Same as google, GDN statistics worldwide shows 90% internet users.


4. Remarketing campaign is a powerful strategy when use in Brand building

Its complicated to create a brand using small text characters and organic search .

Best way to fix this problem is applying the display remarketing in the campaign there’s no much better showing your ads using creative images. The customer will most likely remember and attract to your ads.

Here is the results in our remarketing campaign, its shows in the PPC grader its fairly aggressive in converting people to try it out. For 17 months, it increases our visitors for 50% then boost conversion for 51%. Lastly it increases the site in ridiculously 300%! This really shows how powerful remarketing in SEO.


5.Remarketing Clicks are so cheap.

You can see that search ads is much more higher conversion rates versus display remarketing. But also the CPC also higher, If this means that higher conversion rate is offset by high click price, Then its possible that social remarketing can deliver higher ROI.

“Today, I’ll share with you a case study on how we used remarketing to make our content marketing and SEO efforts up to seven times more effective. In the last two years, we’ve moved beyond just doing SEO to kicking some major online marketing butt and I’d love to show you the lessons we’ve learned in the time it took to get here. Hopefully you can cut your own learning curve and get right to it.”