seo 2015


Remember the day when meta key words tag was prominent? Or when a good Search Engine Optimization strategy was to put key phrases in everything (URL, title, description, headings, photos ALT text, side nav, major nav, footer nav, in the keyword phrases in the body content)?

The year 2015, where the world of search is a totally different game. In fact, in 2015 you should check site web pages to be specific key words typically aren’t excessive used in key elements. So why are so many SEOs still recommending that webpages include the “targeted key words” in the URL, title, headings, and also corpus?


“SEO has truly come into its own as a marketing channel, but columnist Jim Yu argues that that doesn’t mean we should rest on our laurels.”



Practices that Will Enhance the Value of a Web site

1) Skip Meta Keyword phrases

Bear in mind in preschool when you ‘d draw on the walls and your instructor would state, “If you cannot learn how to use the crayons I’m going to take them from you”? You would certainly laugh as well as continue drawing on the wall surfaces, only to have the instructor take your crayons.

Now picture out that crayons are Meta key words and Google is that mean, old preschool instructor. Google took Meta key words away since we really did not use them correctly. Internet search engine have taken it away because of wrong use of it meta key words could be a spam signal.

2) Do not Stuff Your Content in Keywords

Nothing is worse than seeing a content with keyword phrases awkwardly positioned throughout. Keyword phrase density is not crucial and you must stop all strategies aiming at packing keyword phrases right into your content.


3) Still prioritize Meta Description

This is one that a lot of companies neglect, Frequently I see sites with a Meta description that has actually been entirely dismissed, or perhaps even worse yet, make use of a tool or plug-in to dynamically create a Meta desp.

You have 215 overall characters (or 512px by 100px) to encourage searchers to click your listing in SERP. 215 characters include the page title and Meta description. 215 characters because SERP is dependent upon pixels and not characters (the letter ‘W’ is obviously bigger compared to “I”).


4) Always remember to Markup Pages Schema, RDFa, JSON-LD

Next time you search in Google or Bing, check out the results. Find the results which contain even more details compared to merely a title, summary, as well as URL. Those results have added information due to the fact that the html of the website is marked up to relay explicit info to crawlers. The result is a lot more equity of SERP.

BuildVisible wrote a article to guide with Microdata. They found that search listings accompanying rich snippets would certainly be clicked up 25 % a lot more often.

Solution: Plain as well as easy, make microdata part of every site you develop. Markup logo designs, photos, addresses, phone numbers, company manufacturer, kind of company, testimonials, costs, software application, and also anything else that’s relevant to the site. Customers will certainly thank you and also site visitors will appreciate it.



When you’re making use of these strategies you can build upon them. Taking simply these actions will certainly aid your website rank, however maximizing a website is a practice that doesn’t actually end. You could stop boosting certain web pages, yet the website in its entirety can consistently be boosted.